Triffid Ranch Opening

The Space

Starting in 2015, the Triffid Ranch may be reached at the Galleries at Midtown, formerly Valley View Center. This location is open the third Saturday of every month for Midtown ArtWalk, and otherwise by appointment only.

Mailing Address

Because of the problems with having plants, seeds, and supplies delivered during inclement weather, as well as the occasional Abilene grandmothers who expect to stop by at 3 in the morning, the Triffid Ranch maintains a mail drop for incoming packages. This address is:

Texas Triffid Ranch
2334 West Buckingham Road
suite 230-204
Garland, Texas 75042

And again, this is not the retail location, and if you come by to view plants, you’re likely to be disappointed. That said, letters, catalogs, flyers, and packages are greatly welcomed, and may be reciprocated. Thank you in advance.