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Have a Great ARTwalk Weekend

Have a Great Weekend

The Texas Triffid Ranch One-Year Anniversary

The way available discretionary time keeps disappearing, it doesn’t feel as if a year has gone by since the gallery’s soft opening last August. Apparently, other forces have other ideas, and the Midtown ARTwalk on August 20 is a perfect time to recognize this. With that in mind, the invitation goes out to everyone within range: August 20. 6:00 until 10:00 p.m., at the space. Feel free to spread the word, both to friends and local news venues. We don’t know how much longer we’re going to be at Valley View Center, but let’s make an impression while we’re here.

Have a Great Weekend

For my beloved, whose birthday is tomorrow:

Have a Great Weekend

The Aftermath: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016 – 17


And so ends another Texas Frightmare Weekend. Please excuse me: I have to get ready for the 2017 show, and that will probably involve an 18-foot truck and possibly air support to bring in enough plants to keep everyone happy. Splash.


The Aftermath: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016- 16

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