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ARTwalk Weekend

A solid month of renovations later, and the space has been drastically rearranged. The space has a whole new display area, and the enclosures to fill it. I guess it’s time for MidTown ARTwalk on Saturday evening, isn’t it? See you then, and good thing I’ll have another four weeks until the next one, because the enclosure designs keep coming.

Have a Great Weekend

So much for getting photos up and posted. There’s rearranging the space in preparation for next week’s MidTown ARTwalk, and getting enclosures out for this weekend’s Walpurgisnacht event at Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano. Between these, daily responsibilities, the Day Job, and everything else…sleep? What nonsense word do you speak?

Anyway. You’ve seen the advance schedule, so you know part of the plan. Once show season slows down a bit, then it’s really time to get the new enclosures set up. Until then, music.

Have a Great Weekend

Well, we survived Texas Frightmare Weekend, but only barely: my truck was hit by lightning while entering DFW Airport. The truck was fine, I was fine, and the plants were fine, but now Frightmare Security refers to me not as “The Plant Guy” but as “Sparky.” Could be worse: you don’t want to know about the nicknames I had in high school.

Anyway, photos from Frightmare will appear shortly, and just in time for next weekend’s Night Gallery at Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano. May just started, and it’s already going nuts. And isn’t it GREAT?

Have a Great Weekend

For Texas Frightmare Weekend, time for an appropriate soundtrack.

Once more into the breach, once more

It’s late and tomorrow is a long day, but time to pop back to mention that the Texas Triffid Ranch sets up its traditional table at Texas Frightmare Weekend starting this Friday afternoon. The last couple of weeks have been dedicated to getting everything ready, hence the lack of updates, and it’s all coming together. If you’re heading to Frightmare, we’ll see you there. If you can’t, then there’s always the next ARTwalk. Either way, reports are due after the festivities this weekend. Until then.

Have a Great Weekend

Well, it’s been an interesting week. Besides getting everything ready for the Manchester United Flower Show next weekend and Texas Frightmare Weekend at the end of the month, the Triffid Ranch now has some late summer fun on the schedule with Infinicon from August 5 through the 7th, and more events are on the way. Sadly, St. Johns Booksellers, the bookstore through which this site linked for books reviewed and commented upon, shut down recently, so it’s time to find a new venue with the same level of customer satisfaction. The pitcher plants are finally going to town with fresh blooms, the triggerplants are waking up, and I’ve never seen the Buddha’s Hand citron so happy before. Oh, this month may kill me, but it’ll be worth it.

Have A Great Weekend

Guess what? It’s spring!