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Have A Great Weekend


Hanging around with the Fangirls of Dallas

We’re in the last couple of weeks before everything hits the fan. The flytraps and Sarracenia both come out of dormancy by the middle of March; that is, unless we get another one of those oddball end-of-February snowstorms like the one that surprised us last year. We’ve already had a hailstorm at the end of January, so anything’s possible. (At times like these, I’m happier than ever for the new space: between the hailstorm and the subsequent heavy winds, the one-two hit literally degloved the greenhouse. This would have been a problem if I still had anything frost-intolerant in it: instead, it’s full of flytraps, seedling pitcher plants, and triggerplants just waiting for one last cold snap to encourage them to bloom this season.) This time next month, free time will be something I hear about from ne’er-do-well cohorts, but for now, it’s time for an interview with the Fangirls of Dallas, my favorite Dallas fan group. Please excuse the hair. And the voice. I’m not going to age well, am I?

Have a Great Weekend

This Saturday is the third Saturday of the month, which means that the Triffid Ranch opens up Saturday evening between 6 and 10 p.m. for Midtown ARTwalk. And cue music!

Have a Great Weekend

The Czarina is spending the weekend as a vendor for ConDFW, and I’m taking a road trip out to Arlington for the big NARBC reptile show before opening up the space for ConDFW attendees to come by in the evening. This is before the next ARTwalk event on February 20. Is it any surprise that this song is our anthem these days?

Have a Great Weekend